Get a Skill From Udemy

Get a Skill From Udemy

Till my detachment, I was told by my parents that my priorities should be set, I must go to school every day, study hard, get good grades, and secure a job, something that everyone can relate to. Most of you would have been facing a similar state of affair, and to be honest, it isn’t bad either, because most people choose this path and you can’t stop anyone for making their own choice. But wait. All this crap isn’t satisfying at all, because in today’s world most of us are trying to be robots, which would follow the instructions of the user, and will be shut down after the work is done. This is not what I am ready to buy at least. That is why I work on developing my skill every day, so one day, this jack of all trades, can become a master for one good thing.

I have seen people who attend, college, universities, but yet they lack the skill of what they have actually learned throughout that time, the reason can be the lack of interest on the particular subject, confusion, or bad teaching. These are some common problem that we face in our academia, which is indeed disturbing and alarming.  But if we notice, there is a problem which lies on our end as well, we take classes we don’t have to, our interests are not defined, and even if they are, we don’t go on further searching on it. I heard someone saying, I like coding so much, but I got to have time to do it, you do like; it’s the idea of coding that impresses you. If you really have the passion for something you go behind the pines to achieve it, just like every successful person.

I get it skill and development is a long process, and we face a lot of reality checks which weren’t being thrown at us before, but imagine yourself after two years? Are you going somewhere? If not then start working today. There are a lot of things that you can do, but to develop a skill, you don’t need a class for that, stay at home, in your chilly room, and take an online course. There are a lot of sites, some reliable, some scam, but one of the most trustworthy sites is Udemy,

Udemy offers a lot of courses. Your current field of study is not a problem, if you want to be a blogger, take a course, you like coding, open up the site and take a course, you like machine learning, take a course, you like economics and Finance, there is a course available for that.


You can also teach the world online, from your home. Make it a side business, and join Udemy. Learn must never stop!

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