Face the world with The North Face

Face the world with The North Face

There are two types of people in the world. One’s who have an eternal connection to what nature has to offer and the others who spend their lives in cubes, a cubed cubical in office, a cubed room at home, and a cubed club for parties. We are so disoriented from nature and that is getting to our heads. We are sicker, less strong and stressed. An average man in the United States used to walk 3 miles a day back in the 1940s and now that number has drastically decreased to 0.3 miles a day and it is decreasing even more.

We come from an ancestral past that was based on hunting and gathering which was physical work and during the evolution our bodies have been shaped in that way. We ran miles and miles to catch our prey, to feed our families and to protect ourselves, we shifted lands in fear of being preyed ourselves. We had to be physical for survival but centuries and millenniums, a few technological and industrial revolutions later, we are at a place where it is no longer a duty to be physical, but the real question is it necessary?

It absolutely is, obesity is seen as one of the leading factors for at least 4 out of 10 in the leading causes for death. It is something that we now actively need to look after in order to stay healthy and live a prosperous life, it is almost like a lifestyle. To truly go on a path of this new lifestyle, we must be open to adventures and trips that challenge us physically and the terrains of hardship, The North Face always have your back.

The North Face since 1968 have been serving sports enthusiast and lifestyle experts in their journeys to all the harsh terrains in the world, it is almost like a partner in all the expeditions that our bodies want us to go on and embrace the face of nature and when you are on this epic journey, The North Face will serve you like a loyal companion providing you comfortable apparel that lasts.

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