Change your world through Art

Change your world through Art

Art today holds the interest of the masses. It has established its place in the heart of the people. From paintings, to sculptures, to novels, to TV shows, trough theaters, music and festivals.

But Art has had a very shaky past as it was thoroughly stuck down, labeled as propaganda and looked down upon because of the power it had to influence the masses. Julio Caesar was known to be a man of theatrics, he used to overdramatize moments and show extreme enthusiasm in his dealings. He used to sing and write, and talk in dialogues that gave him the ultimate power over the people. From a single rebellion that led to the split between Pompeii and him, he moved on to conquer the roman empire, marry the Egyptian queen Cleopatra and won the hearts of the people.

Even at the time of his death, he was known to utter poetic words before finally resting. Why does Art play such a key role in our lives? Well it has something to do with relatability, wishes and aspirations. No one in the world want to feel lonely, everyone seeks association and art can make them part of a community, part of a story, the story that usually people don’t share with each other. If you have close people in your life, then you go through certain experiences that only these relationships can bring but if you are not close to a lot of people? You will find solace in being part of a murder mystery novel. You don’t have someone to love? Read and watch many love stories that you wish to be part of. Wish dragons existed? Read epic tales about a world of dragons and human beings living together.

Art is simply an escape or rather an entry to the interesting journey of life and throughout the years it has been gaining the recognition it truly deserved. is an e-commerce website that allow people who like art connect with the people who make art. It has Book, collectables and fine arts products and services which is sure to send you in a world of dreams.




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